When: Saturday October 18th 2014

Time: 8:00am – 4:30pm

Where: Spokane Community College

Total CE’s : 7 hours

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We will have a list of everyone who paid at the door, no tickets necessary. You do not need a PayPal account to use these buttons; just use you credit card and decline to start an account when PayPal asks.

Hi everyone. This is going to be an exciting year for the Technicians. I am very excited about our Topics for Technician Day CE’s. Everyone has almost had to report their CE’s to the State for their licensing. There was a lot of confusion as to reporting the CE’s from last year’s Technician Day. The CE’s from last year were just State Certified, so they were not reported to your NABP or CPE monitor. But this year we are having the CE’s ACPE Certified. So you will answer a questionnaire online and then be able to get your credits. But with the new ACPE requirement comes a fee. ACPE CE’s cost. Not only do they cost to get them certified, but they cost each person per CE hour. Last year on Tech Day I let everyone know that there would be a cost for the 2014 Tech Day.

The fee is $65 for current WSPA and SPA members and $110 for nonmembers. I have had good feedback from the Tech’s that I have spoken with in regards to these fees. That is only about $11 per CE, Which is good compared to some of them online cost that $25 per CE. You can join Spokane Pharmacy Association for $25 now so that when you register you will get the members price.

There is a Pharmacy Technician page on Facebook for Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area techs. Like our page and get updates on Tech Day. As well as it is a good forum to ask Techs questions and discuss any issues that we as techs may have. I will post on Facebook Pharmacy Technician how to register. Watch your email for registration information.

For new Technicians, every tech will need to get an NABP e-Profile ID #. My suggestion is to go online and register now. You MAY need the NABP e-profile # to register. The NABP e-profile ID number is free. You will need the NABP profile ID # to register for the CE, the State of WA made it mandatory to have the NABP profile # to access the CE credits through CPE monitor. To get your NABP e-profile ID # go to nabp.net  Once you get your NABP e-profile # you will go to the CPE Monitor to get your CE’s. You will access the CPE Monitor to get your CE’s. They link up together to access the CE credits. This is how CPE Monitor works.

There will be a limit on the # of Techs that can register for Tech Day, as there is a 70 seat capacity in the room at S.C.C. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me.


I look forward to seeing all you at Tech Day.

Cheri Lewis, CPhT,

Technician Representative, Spokane Pharmacy Association