Mission Statement

The Spokane Pharmacy Association was established in 1921 and is a voluntary association of pharmacists, student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians. SPA’s purposes are to:

  • Assure the viability of the profession of Pharmacy by supporting the education of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and students;
  • Promote the competency of practitioners and maximize the profession’s contribution to patient care; and
  • Increase an awareness of these contributions and capabilities and their value not only to the profession, but also to other health-care practitioners and, in particular, the patient.

SPA constitution and bylaws

Leadership Roster

Lauren Powell, President
Steve Webbenhurst, Executive Vice President
Connor Capdeville, President-elect
Treasurer | treasurer@spokanepharmacy.org

Board of Managers
Lee Roy Esposo, CE Co-chair | ce-info@spokanepharmacy.org
Brittany Craft, CE Co-chair
Lexie Powell, CE Co-chair
Alex Stumphauzer, CE Co-chair
Michelle Nguyen, Annual Meeting Co-chair
Kayla Treharne, Annual Meeting Co-chair
Alicia Barns, Technician Representative
Jessica Gould, Technician Representative
Candice Sochovka, Immediate Past President

Secretary/Student Representatives
Tong Thao
Sandy Moreno

Board Member Biographies

Email the Board

Past Presidents

Alice Knotts, 2021
Brandon Arthur, 2020
Shurrie Morris, 2019
Jennifer Miller, 2018
Kendra Demaris Hall, 2017
Landa Vierra, 2016
Chris Greer, 2015
Manpreet Chahal, 2014
Steven Webbenhurst, 2013
Heather McNamee, 2012
Michael Brandt, 2010, 2011
Brenda Bray, 2008, 2009

History of the Spokane Pharmacy Association (SPA)

In the beginning, the pharmacy association in Spokane began as an association only for (male) owners of independent pharmacies. In 1922, the first constitution and by-laws were created and approved. The earliest records, from the early 1950s, listed the membership as consisting of approximately 100 independent pharmacies. There were no members from “chain” stores, hospitals or other areas of practice. The majority of those independent pharmacies have since disappeared. Over time, staff pharmacists were allowed to become members and hold office. As pharmacy practice progressed, the discussions became more oriented to medication therapy.

In the 1960s, Medicare legislation was passed and federal funds were allocated to health care. Those funds came with federal control though. National associations began to develop improved quality control and standards of practice, and the concept of regular government inspections soon followed.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Spokane had two active pharmacy associations, one hospital based and one retail focused. These two associations have since merged in the late 1990s and became a non-profit organization, which now makes up the SPA.

The association had changed from a group of independent pharmacy owners with a business focus into a dynamic organization of pharmacists, technicians and students who serve patients in the greater Spokane area and North Idaho Panhandle. Pharmacy practice across the nation has undergone significant changes over the last century, and this trend is continuing. Independent community pharmacies now tend to have a specialized focus, such as compounding. Chain pharmacies, managed care and clinic-based pharmacies have grown immensely.

In 2006, Bill Fassett came to Spokane. At this time he became the SPA Executive Director/Vice President. His wife, Sharon Fassett, became the web and communication manager. In 2014, the entire Washington State University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (WSU CPPS) moved to Spokane and at this time the Fassetts retired from active roles with the association. Since the WSU CPPS moved, the SPA has worked alongside WSU in support of their mission and WSU has supported SPA’s mission as well. In 2015, Sue Marchi Kellogg became the new Executive Vice President and revived the Fax Blast service which reaches pharmacies, pharmacy-based clinics and institutions in Eastern Washington and the North Idaho Panhandle. Even after leaving that role in 2018, she continues to assist with various duties for the board during her free time.

Also in 2015, board member Michael Ayres helped redevelop the website and add the association to Facebook. During the presidency of Kendra Demaris in 2017, the website was revamped and updated. The board, along with the help of SPA members, also developed a new SPA logo in 2017. During the presidency of Kendra Demaris 2017 and Jennifer Miller 2018, the constitution and by-laws were updated, sent for a vote by membership and implemented.

In addition to pharmacy technician day and monthly continuing education, the SPA celebrates annually with our Annual Awards Meeting, which was first implemented in 2008 and has since grown into an anticipated event. This event honors Eastern Washington and North Idaho Panhandle pharmacists, technicians, pharmacy students, pharmacy residents, and pharmacies with a night of dinner, continuing education, silent auction, and awards. Under the presidency of Shurrie Morris 2019, the meeting has transitioned from then busy days of early winter to the lighter days of the New Year/late winter.

The SPA board consists of both pharmacists and technicians, who may serve up to two, two-year terms. Per the updated constitution there are six pharmacists, two pharmacy technicians, and two pharmacy students who serve on the board of managers. We also have an appointed treasurer, vice president, Washington State Pharmacy Association (WSPA) representative, WSU CPPS representative and Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission (PQAC) representative. The SPA is an excellent opportunity to help shape pharmacy in Eastern Washington, North Idaho panhandle and beyond.