By: SPA Executive Vice President Steven Webbenhurst

When I say February, what comes to mind first? For me, it is Valentine’s Day. As you walk through almost any retail store, from Home Depot to the Dollar Store, you see something reminding you that Valentine’s Day is approaching. Pink and red hearts surround you as you pass by the displays, reminding you to get something for those you love.

Love–a word we use often. We love people, places, pets, hobbies, foods, almost anything. But do we love our jobs? Pharmacy has changed significantly since I graduated in 1984. Back then, most of my classmates entered the job market with positions at independent pharmacies or retail chains. About a quarter of them went into hospital pharmacy with a small minority finding clinical positions that were relatively new at that point.

As I said, the pharmacy world has changed. There are far fewer independent pharmacies these days and most pharmacy chains are booming. But that’s not the only difference. The healthcare world has opened up so many new opportunities for pharmacists over the last decade or two. Long term care positions have expanded. We have pharmacists that specialize in so many areas including nuclear, ambulatory care, MTM, compounding, manufacturer clinical liaisons and specialized pharmacists in all the disease states. And as the size and number of pharmacy schools has increased, so has the need for pharmacy faculty.

I hope you love your job as much as I love mine. If you don’t, there are so many areas to explore. There may be an area you have never considered that might be perfect for you. A great way learn about other areas is by attending one of our events (CE talks, social/networking events, annual banquet) and talking with other pharmacy professionals.

A number of years ago, North Idaho College was looking for a pharmacist to help with their pharmacy technician program. I ended up teaching 8 credit hours at NIC for several years in addition to working 42 hours a week as a pharmacy manager for Walgreens. I am still on their Pharmacy Technician advisory committee. When I was a district pharmacy supervisor for Walgreens, I stumbled across an early training session to become an immunizer and later became a trainer for the APhA program. I currently work at the Walgreens located on the Deaconess campus and we specialize in HIV and HepC. Having been a pharmacist for nearly 35 years, I attribute my job satisfaction to the various roles I’ve had over the years including my time serving on the Spokane Pharmacy Association board.

So my words of advice to both young and experienced technicians and pharmacists is to love your job, or find one that matches your skills and interests. That job is out there! Find it and live it!

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