Dear Colleagues,
The Spokane Pharmacy Association (SPA) hit the ground running in 2017 and we are planning a diversity of events and activities that will not fail to benefit your practice and fill your calendar with fun networking. The SPA Board of Managers met for the Annual Winter/Spring Retreat the middle of February and I am so excited for what our highly talented and dedicated team will achieve this upcoming year! A few initiatives we are working on include:

  • A focus to increase membership of Acute Care and Idaho pharmacists and technicians
  • Maintain a strong CE focus while ensuring optimal interest and applicability to a variety of practice settings
  • Increase the variety and membership participation in Networking events
  • Continue to foster beneficial connections with community leaders, such as the Spokane Regional Health District and the Medical Reserve Corp. and
  • Develop a solid foundation for collaboration among all local and regional pharmacies to implement an emergency preparedness plan

This month I will be traveling to our nation’s capital to participate in the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) RxImpact Day. As I prepare for meetings with Legislators, Congressmen, and Senators that represent not only Spokane, but the State of Washington and our Nation, I have been given the opportunity to reflect on the collaborative approach pharmacy has taken to impact patient care and the influence we can each have on public policy development.

As lawmakers in Washington work towards finding effective and affordable healthcare access for families across the United States, pharmacists have transpired as key players in the advancement of healthcare. As highly educated, trusted and accessible healthcare professionals, the value is in you and the team of technicians and assistants who support and value your impact.

The recognition and acknowledgment of the value of pharmacy by law makers and the practitioners we interact with daily comes with a price and a desire to prove this value through solid outcomes and achievements.

I challenge each of you to evaluate your practice and goals. Where do you stand? What are your strengths and limitations?

It is clear that with this recognition of impact on patient health outcomes, future initiatives will require each of us to be committed to work diligently and document each interaction; intervention; and outcome to ensure that pharmacy and pharmacists are preserved a valuable healthcare team member.

SPA is committed to providing you with continuing education opportunities and activities to assure the viability of the profession and promote competency to maximize contribution within your own practice, thus impacting patient care. Now is the time to fully take advantage of the membership you hold and if you are interested, contribute your time and unique skills toward the initiatives we are working on.

Professionally yours,
Kendra Hall (Demaris)
Spokane Pharmacy Association President, 2017

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