October is a curious month – outside the fall foliage and garden produce is present in wild abandon, and yet we all know that we’re about to enter the winter season. All around us, activities at work, school or play of all kinds proceed at a feverish pace, and yet we’re all aware that we’re nearing the end of the calendar year. So if we “start with the end in mind,” let’s look at the SPA events and activities for the remainder of 2016.

Everything always looks better if we can look forward to a party at the end, so let’s do that…

 picture1 Please plan on attending our
Spokane Pharmacy Association Annual Awards Meeting December 1, 2016!

We are planning a fabulous event at the Grand Hotel. The pre-dinner networking features vendor interaction, no-host bar, hors d’oeuvres, and the winning WSU student poster. After the elegant buffet dinner, our keynote speaker is Dr. Tomkowiak, dean of the new WSU medical school. The focal point of the evening then follows with the announcement of the awards for Pharmacist and Pharmacy of the Year, Technician of the Year, Speaker of the Year, Student/Resident of the Year. You’ll be getting more details soon, or you can see the information on www.spokanepharmacy.org. Register early and gather up a table of friends! (Buy tickets now!)

In between now and the Annual Meeting however, we have some business to do.

First of all, you STILL have time to nominate one of the amazing, awesome pharmacy people you work with for one of the awards mentioned above. Look around you for one of your co-workers that consistently provides added value and extra care to their expertise and nominate them. Get with it, folks!!

The second order of business is also so very easy – it’s called “maintaining the health of your local pharmacy association,” but it’s really just three-step simple:

  1. You’ll be receiving a ballot soon with the nominated candidates for the SPA Board of Directors. SPA has a board of volunteers who serve a two-year term with one renewal possible, with some rotating off every year and some being elected on to the board, so please vote.
  2. If your name is not on the ballot, it doesn’t mean that your talent and time aren’t needed to help your local professional association serve its members and the community. If you aren’t able to be a full-time member of the board, we would still love to have you participate in a one-time event to support a healthy lifestyle, to mentor a student, to be present at networking and CE events, and so forth. Look for a list of opportunities to have fun AND contribute in January on the SPA website at www.spokanepharmacy.org. Please volunteer if you can.
  3. So we know you can vote, and maybe you have other commitments that keep you from being on the board or volunteering for the little parties (aka networking), or the small community service events; but you are helping your organization just by being a member and staying connected with us. Your membership is so appreciated! So please renew your membership and recruit other pharmacy professionals or allied healthcare workers into our pharmacy community. You can help if you even hang our event notices on the bulletin board or post them on Facebook. Every little thread makes the web of the community stronger. Be active! Please renew, recruit and post!

Wishing you a healthy and colorful fall season,
Landa Vierra, SPA President 2016

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