Hart and Dilatush Pharmacy

Spokane, Washington

Our featured pharmacy this month is Hart and Dilatush, in Spokane.

Hart and Dilatush Pharmacy first opened in 1918 and has been located in downtown Spokane within the Bank of America Financial Center for the last 5 years.  Historically, the pharmacy was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, until 1969 when after 51 years of continuous operation they had to search for a key to lock the front door.

photo: Hart and Dilates Pharmacy staff
from left to right: Technician Lindsay Beaudoin, Technician Steve Collins, Pharmacy Intern James Hendrix-Ward, Pharmacist Owner Dan Reidt and Owner Jody Reidt.

It was first owned by Joseph Hart and Owen Dilatush. Dan and Jody Reidt became the 5th owners when they purchased the pharmacy in 2005.  They have been working there and managing it ever since. Dan completed his Pharm.D. at WSU where Jody also attended. They specialize in delivery and mail order medications, compliance packaging, and at home dispensing with Personal Medication Dispensers.  They are a “speedy retail pharmacy” says Dan as they can take care of patients quickly.  They have all the customer service qualities that you would expect of a small retail community pharmacy as they focus on each patient as an individual, knowing most by first name and accommodating to everyone’s wants and needs.

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