Pharmacy of the Month

May 2017

Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center

Although the anti-coagulation clinic manages over a thousand patients from three different locations which include Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center (SHMC), Holy Family Hospital (HFH) and Medical Park, our Pharmacy Focus will be on Sacred Heart Medical Center.

One neat thing the clinic at SHMC offers is instant INR results inside their clinic as a point-of-care service. Thus, patients can obtain their results immediately. Besides managing anti-coagulation therapies, SHMC has expanded its services. These include pharmacotherapy management, a comprehensive diabetes management with A1C monitoring, their newly added Hepatitis C program where the pharmacists can now prescribe and counsel patients after they have been referred by a hepatologist, and lastly, they manage anemic patients by ordering labs and treating them with either oral or IV iron. Sometimes, surgeons will refer anemic patients to the clinic for pre-operative measures which later helps limit blood transfusions! SHMC also provides immunizations and tobacco cessation.

The team at SHMC, which consists of support staff, five technicians, six pharmacists, two residents, and three student pharmacists, all enjoy spending time together at least once a month outside of the hospital. Dr. Bridget Eller, one of the clinical pharmacists, believes she “works in a really awesome place.”

Everyone loves working there and they tend to stay. In fact, the two pharmacists Nancy and Jennifer, who originally started the clinic about twenty years ago, still work there! Also, Dr. Andrea Renford, another clinical pharmacist, believes the team must work together, trust one another and have patient communication skills in order to provide excellent patient interaction and care. The staff really focuses on their patients by always putting them first and will do whatever they can to take care of their patients by “going above and beyond.”

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