Upon submitting payment through PayPal you will be an official member of SPA
and will receive all emails and applicable event discounts.

Step 1) Use the appropriate link to PayPal

We use PayPal to pay membership dues online.

Click “This year only” to join for this year only, and return next year on or after August 1st to pay again.

Clicking the “Recurring” button will renew your membership annually. Be aware that PayPal has no mechanism to remind you before charging your account; if you wish to cancel your recurring membership, you can do so on PayPal.

Practicing Pharmacist: $50.00 Annually

This year only:  PPOneYear    Recurring:  PPSubscribe

Pharmacy Technician: $25.00 Annually

This year only:  PTOneYear    Recurring:  PTSubscribe

Retired Pharmacist: $25.00 Annually

This year only: RPOneYear   Recurring:  RPSubscribe

Associate Member (includes pharmaceutical reps and other non-pharmacists)  $50.00  Annually

This year only: AMOneYear   Recurring:   AMSubscribe

Student Pharmacist: $20.00 Annually

This year only: PSOneYear   Recurring:  PSSubscribe

Student Technician: $10.00 Annually

This year only: TSOneYear   Recurring:   TSSubscribe

50-year pharmacist: FREE!  Fifty-Year pharmacists will be members for life unless they elect to opt out. You only need to complete Step 2. We will ask for proof of licensure.

New grad special!: Recent graduates receive a one year membership FREE! You only need to complete Step 2. We will ask for the name of your pharmacy school and class year.

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